Tips On Avoiding Google Penalties And Getting The Best In Terms Of Ranking

Google imposes certain penalties if it is observed that certain sites do try to take advantage of some of its algorithms.  Opinion is rather divided on the rationale behind why this is done considering that most people would try to take the best advantage of a system that they completely understand.  It is best avoiding Google penalties as it could bring about very negative returns to the person that tries to control the whole process in a negative way.  The penalties are for dissuading people from taking a wrong route mostly.

How best to avoid Google penalties

            Repetitions: When SEO was quite in its infancy, people tried to take advantage the inability of the system to make fine differentiations between decoy text and the actual thing. So a lot of people went about using repetitive text that was primarily keywords.  Thus in the earlier and the more primitive form of search engines this sort of practice did give quick results and for the minimal efforts but it has seen been declared as offensive by the search engine. 

            Old information: That the matter has to be kept fresh and relevant to the situation needs no particular stressing.  When old textual matter is not refreshed or that old articles and blogs are kept as it is for some time together, the Google search engine takes penal action.  The better of webmasters would have come to learn of the importance and need for fresh content all the time and every effort and expense must be taken to keep matter fresh as possible. 

            Excessive advertisements: It is rather tempting to bring in as much revenue as is possible by using paid advertisements along the body of the website.  The particular practice of payments for references only increases its attractiveness as a means of income generation.  But beyond a point the advertisements can prove counterproductive and this is when Google tends to view the websites as primarily for income generation as to promote themselves. There really is no such thing as being over ethical with the best digital marketing tactics and it is best in the interest of the user to restrict the advertisements to the least possible extent.

The fine line that often separates the bad practices

It is not as though that Google has brought out a pamphlet on what goes and what doesn’t in the use of its services.  The primary role of Google is to protect the interest of the majority of its users and at the same time remain relevant in the field that it is operating in.  The cut throat competition in the field as with any other field makes it necessary to adopt such a stance with the SEO Houston pros.    

Thus more often than not the practices of Google are controlled to some extent by the competition in the search engines.  Hence it can be taken to be a general rule that applies to all that exist in the field and not just something peculiar to Google, only that some take more time to implement changes than others, but it will definitely come.